How to Write Threads No One Can Ignore

King David - The Quit Porn Strategist
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You've tried writing threads in the past, but they just haven't taken off.

But that's all about to change.

Threads are a tried and true way to greatly increase your chances of getting more engagement on your profile, and more likes and Retweets as well. 

They are the best way, on Twitter, to give your followers massive amounts of information, and if optimized correctly, to get more followers, which will turn into more customers that will buy your products. 

More than anything, good threads are how you establish yourself as an authority. On Twitter, authority is the name of the game. The better you are at commanding a crowd, the more followers you'll get in the long run.

Which is exactly what you want: More followers, right?


In this course, I teach you how to:

Start a Thread with an eye-catching Top Tweet

 What should be in the body of your Threads

 Properly include a Call to Action in your thread

 Speak with authority and appeal to your audience's emotions 

 Use Cliff-hangers the right way 

 Create lists within your threads that are appealing and useful 

✅ Leverage your connections on Twitter without sounding needy or annoying

Threads are also a great way to rack in the Twitter cash flow!

At the end of the course, I also include a "Study Guide" with quick references and bullet points that you can go back to without needing to re-read the book dozens of times. 

Click the "I want this!" button to set your Twitter timeline on fire with the authority of a top-notch level guru!

  • The Guide for Effective Thread Writing

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    1.91 MB
  • Length
    29 pages
  • The Guide for Effective Thread Writing
  • Size1.91 MB
  • Length29 pages


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How to Write Threads No One Can Ignore

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